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    We offer public relations and branding services to fashion designers and non-profit organizations.

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    Savvy and Glassy communications and public relations-
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    "we're a diamond from the vast heap of useless coal"

    Social justice advocate, brand ambassador, and role model




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    The Founder's top characteristics are honesty, the ability to relate to people at all levels and an outgoing personality. She was Selected to be a Ms. Manhattan finalist, and Featured on AMC's WE network "America's It Girl." She has worked as a legislative correspondent for the world's largest international PR firm (Burson-Marsteller).

    She has used her influence and connections to help others and strengthen Integrity and Ethics in her community and Advocate for women and children.


    She was, also, ASKED to work at Administration for Children's Services in NYC (she did not apply, she was specifically requested).


  • Testimonials


    "Rebecca is a versatile model and can easily go from glamour, commercial, to lifestyle. One of very few models I've seen who can work just as professional in front of the camera as she does with the business aspect of the industry. She is a top notch professional through and through."  
    Victoria Stiles, Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist
    "Rebecca Landrith is not just another beautiful Model she is very good at Managing things and gets easily connected to people. My impression of Rebecca has always been that of a very responsible and ethical professional, with a great sense of fairness. Rebecca is a very positive person. Hard working, sincere, and has a great sense of humor. What an awesome person!"
    Terrance Shaw, CEO - VIP Fashion

    "Corruption is Legal in America
    The stuff you learned about government as a kid is completely wrong....

    "I believe that Satan has tried to discourage and even kill you, as well, which must mean that God has a good plan for you--otherwise the enemy would not be working so hard to try you destroy you."
    Jessica Rogers, mother of 3, Princeton, NJ



    Professional Work

    The Founder has done over 50 fashion shows and modeled for Hundreds of photographers since 2009. Her Modeling work has been recognized in various media outlets. She's also been asked to Speak at events for non-profits, and to Host - not just model in - high fashion runway shows.


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